Hi there my name is Simon and I'm the owner of A Crystal Affair (formerly known as Shamanic Wands). My passion and love of crystal's has been an affair that has spanned in this lifetime for over 20 years!
I fell in love with crystal's when I completed my Reiki One Degree in 1997 when I had an amazing experience with a tumbled Bloodstone whereby as I was holding it and giving it Reiki it started burning in my hands to the point that I yelled out loud. From there it was a love, fascination & passion of mine and still is till this day.
I search the world for finding the yummiest crystals and bringing them to you! I take great pride in the business I have created and the service we deliver.
If there is anything I can source for you please feel free to email me.
I hope we can bring you a crystal that brings you a whole lot of joy, healing & blessings.
A Crystal Affair 
Brisbane, QLD
ABN: 27 466 823 580