Why should you wear or carry a crystal?

Crystals are piezoelectric but what does that mean? The word piezoelectric  comes from the Greek word “piezein”, which means to squeeze or touch. Piezoelectricity was found in old radio’s & watches & nowadays can be found in electronic devices from speakers to microphones. Crystal’s emite an electrical pulse (like our brains & nervous system) which can be seen when we strike two quartz crystals against each other, you will see a small spark. 

Crystals simply operate on touch, so by holding, carrying or wearing them on yourself activates the crystal and allows the crystal to contribute to you. This is why I love wearing crystals as they contribute energetically to you continuously by simply having them on you if you ask them to. Crystals put out positive, uplifting, calming and energizing vibes that will allow you to achieve deeper states of healing, joy, love and understanding. 

How can you get them to contribute to you?

The best way to receive the gift they are is so simple, quick and easy

  1. Select the crystal you would like to work with but if you aren’t sure which one, what we highly recommend is rather than using your thinking mind allow yourself to use your awareness. Walk up to your crystal collection whether it be jewellery or natural or polished ones.
  2. Close your eyes & bring into your awareness any area of your life that you feel is lacking whatever you desire whether it be health, abundance, wealth, healing or love (whatever it is for you). Ask in your mind energetically to all your crystals “Truth, which one would like to contribute to me with regards to _______?” (whatever it is you like to have more of) & then open your eyes and see which one pops out at you.
  3. Pick up that crystal/s piece and hold it in your hands
  4. Quiet your mind by taking several deep breathes and just consciously push down any and all barriers you may have up to receiving to the gift (you can do this just by simply requesting it to be so). 
  5. Next, allow yourself to sense the ends of your energetic being, its ok if you can’t at first, and then allow yourself to expand out energetically to the size of the building that you are in. Then expand till you are the size of the country you are in. Then expand out till you are the size of the planet. Then expand out till you are the size of the galaxy or universe you are in. And keep expanding out from there. This is how to go beyond your mind and into the energetic world.
  6. From there connect to the ENERGY of the crystal you are working with. Take as much time as you require with this but often it will happen instantly (even if you can’t feel it).
  7. Ask in your mind while remembering to keep as expanded out as you can possibly be. “Crystal and Universe, would you please contribute your energy to me?” 
  8. Place the crystal either on your body either as jewellery, or place it in your pocket or if you can’t carry with you simply place it back.
  9. Allow yourself to start receiving from the crystal & Universe & everything that would like to contribute to you.

“The key to changing things that aren’t working for you in your life is to receive” ~ Simon Fooks

How long does it take to receive from the crystal? Everyone & every instance will be different. For some it can be instant & for some it can be that the crystal would like to be worn for years & years (there is no right or wrong answer). We recommend that when you feel like the crystal has contributed whatever it wanted to that you can put it back or just change it up for another!

Crystals, for me are so much fun to work with! It’s so wonderful to have another energetic being contributing to us & what we are wanting to create with our lives. Their kindness & energy in our world is a gift which has been waiting for you for thousands & thousands of years! They have been sitting in the Earth waiting for you & that’s why crystal/s have chosen you, because of the unique gift they are and can gift to you (as well as you are to them!). And what if you are one of very few people who can receive that from them? Enjoy yourself beautiful Infinite Being! And just know, the Universe has always got your back, even when it doesn’t feel like it!

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A Crystal Affair

Simon Fooks