My Affair with Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one those crystals that has always been there for me, I’ve had a love crystal affair with it for years. When I started my journey into the world of crystals Clear Quartz was always one of my favourites. It had so many variations and possibilities with it.

You could get either an Isis, Record Keeper, Generator, Window, Double Terminator Phantom, Key, Lemurian, Herkimer Diamond, Enhydro, Garden Quartz or something else as well as the magic of being the Master Crystal. If it had rainbows inside it would bring rainbows into your life and would always make me feel happier and be more energetic. If it had a record keeper on it, it would allow you to access to the Akashic record where your soul records are kept. If you had a lemurian crystal it would allow you to open upto more higher vibrational loving energies. If u had a phantom crystal you could find out about past lives.

What I also loved about quartz was that it was an energizer, transmitter, receiver & storer of energies. It was used back in Atlantean times as a source of energy & power for homes and healing temples, yet also to store information which I sometimes feel when holding them. They also have the capacity to raise your vibration, create clearer communication between your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides and Angels! Clear Quartz for me always made me feel clearer and more energized and just happier in general when I carried it, wore it or meditated with it.

I remember while I was living in Byron Bay I would get up each and every morning and grab my esky which I filled full of Clear Quartz crystals (yes I said an esky full of crystals) and would head to the beach early morning. I would go for a swim and then sit down and create a massive crystal grid around me in the sand with all my Clear Quartz crystals including generators, small points and whatever kind I had around and setup a grid 12 point grid around my body and then lay a piece of Clear Quartz on each and every chakra and then sit there and meditate for over an hour! I would come out of the meditation feeling so fresh, clear and energized!!!

Crystal Grids are so much fun to play with!!!